Patience in Prayer

This past week, the first week of winter semester, has entailed some immense change. I was faced with a spur of the moment decision whether or not to change my major. Through fasting, temple attendance, and especially sincere prayer, I finally feel at peace with my decisions.

In my personal study there were two passages that especially gave me great insight. First, Enos, in his verses 3-8, demonstrates enormous faith towards Heavenly Father. He practices the principle of sincere prayer as he prays unceasingly until he receives a direct connection with Heaven. His great faith pushes him to endure in prayer until he gets his answer. Ocasionally our habitual prayer habits fizzle out as we become burned out on asking for the same direction or personal revelation over and over again; however, faith and trust in our Father in Heaven’s plan for us is required to avoid this becoming weary in confidence that God really will answer our prayers!

Secondly, in 1 Nephi 1:14-15, Lehi celebrates the mercy of God, which he understands because of “the things which the Lord had shown unto him.” Elder Bednar elaborates on how Lehi received this knowledge through revelation. He says, “the vision came in response to a prayer for others [Jerusalem] and not as a result of a request for personal edification or guidance.” As I read this, I got the impression that if I focus on losing myself in the service of others, I will find a passion and will know what direction to take my career in.

I know that if we are humble and patient in waiting for an answer, our lives will be divinely guided to meet the right people at the right time who will be instruments in the Lord’s hands to lead and guide us in the directions He would have us go. As we focus our prayers on the benefit of others rather than only our own well-being, we will find the same joy and ultimate knowledge that Lehi experienced.

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