I’ve had time to do some reflection on how Heavenly Father works, the concept of Christ’s Atonement, the plan that they both have for me, and how I feel about it all.  I found myself scrolling through some pictures from last summer, and came across a photo I took of a giant tree in Hawaii. The anatomy of a tree is phenomenal, roots reach under the soil and mature differently depending on the climate. The amount of time trees take to fully mature varies, but is usually a good amount of time.  Patience in particular has been an area of study this week, I’ve realized that my need to constantly have all answers and clear direction is prideful. Life is not meant to be easy, but it is meant to be enjoyed, which believe it or not, is possible in times of un-clarity.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the need to have direction lately, while I seem to demand from Heavenly Father correct answers:  Where will I work, is it the right job, what will I study, what is my true passion, how do I get there? What is the right way? I read 2 Nephi 17:2, when Isaiah finishes telling of his experience seeing Christ and receives revelation for the House of David.  He learns that Syria has joined forces with Ephraim, which causes his and the heart of his people to be moved “as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind.”  As the wind blows the branches of a tree, they intertwine with other branches around them. Each branch is a single part of a larger tree, which is grounded by roots. As the hand of God moves me to cross paths with specific people, I connect with them in different ways, yet we are grounded by the same roots—God’s plan.

In 2 Nephi 4, Nephi prays and recognizes the hand of God in his life. Although he recognizes blessings, he continually prays for strength to “trust not in the arm of flesh,” but rather God’s “goodness,” and “loving kindness.” Elder Neil A. Maxwell taught that if we acknowledge these things, we will never need to be coaxed—persuaded gradually into making the correct decisions to take us in the ‘right’ direction.

Among the unanswered questions that still find it cool to circle around my mind, the direction I have found has come one day at a time, from different people I interact with, as I try my best attempt at not taking thought for the things of tomorrow, but letting the things of tomorrow take thought for themselves. I’ve found peace as I do my best to  believe in God, not in man.


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