He Knows His Sheep

Two weeks ago I chose to believe that through humility and patience in “waiting for an answer, our lives will be divinely guided to meet the right people at the right time who will be instruments in the Lord’s hands to lead and guide us in the directions He would have us go.”  During those two weeks, the Lord has “searched me, and known me,” He understands my thought afar off,” He is acquainted with all my ways.” -Psalms 139:1-3

Like Alma’s people, I did not “raise [my] voice to the Lord [my] God, but did pour out [my] heart to him; and he did know the thoughts of [my] heart.” -Alma 24:12

I believe that if we ask our Father in Heaven for something, he will give it to us; however, what we often ask for is of less value than something else He knows would benefit us more, and bring us even greater joy.

I had been praying fervently for a particular job which I received and began training for this week, when a friend was able to get me an interview for a new position in the Exercise Science Program at BYU. Well prepared, I interviewed and waited patiently to hear back from the hiring committee. The following morning I read in an e-mail these words, “We were very impressed with you, your knowledge, and your ideas and would love to offer you the position as the Exercise Sciences Digital Communications Expert.”  I couldn’t believe I had been selected for a job that would pay me four dollars more than my current job I had initially asked for and also a job that had seemingly been designed to a tee for the exact skills I need to learn for my field. I will learn more from my tasks in this new job than I will in any of my actual classes this semester.

Hence, sometimes Heavenly Father gives us the answer to our prayer (what we have been begging Him for), and also something better. We are then faced with two decisions, and the process of making the choice proves to then teach us how much our Father in Heaven really does know His children and what is best for them, but more importantly, how much He loves them.


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