Finding Balance in Heart and Mind

Recently I’ve begun to notice how easy it is to fall out of balance.  Particularly in thinking things through when trying to make a decision, not only in the heart, but in mind as well.  At a work meeting I was at this week, someone mentioned how the gaining of a testimony involves convincing of the heart and mind.  This discussion was based on a commonality among youth in the church—that they have testimonies in their hearts with great conviction, yet they lack the knowledge necessary to make an educated, logical argument for those standards they “feel” are right in professional environments.

One of Satan’s strongholds among people today, is his ability to make skewed ideologies look and feel right. When studying something out, it is crucial that one look at both sides of the argument, the benefits, as well as the cons.  When a concept is trusted only from its feeling (heart), but not studied logically, an unbalanced equation emerges.  Truly having a testimony of a concept involves conversion in heart and mind.

2 Nephi 31:3 states that God teaches His children according to their own language. When we solidify a testimony in both heart and mind, we understand the subject forwards and backwards, preparing ourselves to be able to help others understand the same but on a simpler level. Not only are we able to feel the spirit, but we can support our testimonies/convictions with valuable, logical knowledge, bringing an even stronger spirit to those we teach.


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