Going Forward From Christ

While rereading 3 Nephi 11 after studying it in class, this primary song came to me, “Hosanna! Hosanna! Oh, let us gladly sing. How blessed that our Lord was born; let earth receive her King!”  I thought of how Hosanna means, “God save us now.”  I imagined a multitude of people watching Jesus minister to the afflicted, and the children, and being so grateful that God in fact, is saving them, right before their own eyes.

In vs. 17, the people fall down at the feet of Jesus. I think it is so interesting what a reverent mindset has the power to do.  Sometimes I think how exciting it would be to see Christ and that I would run up and hug Him, but I know that my real response would be humbly kneeling down to Him in gratitude, and wait for Him to call to me.  My favorite thing that I thought about while studying vs. 14, when Christ tells them to come and feel the marks of His crucifixion, is how close Jesus is willing to get to us.  If we recognize His voice, and follow it, think of all the good that would come. We could be close to Him, understand what He did for us, and He would give us the perfect type of attention that we need personally.

When we can recognize Christ’s voice, we receive an endless amount of blessings and love, which inspire us to give the same love to others.  I imagine that after we had been ministered to personally by Christ, we would go forward finding others who need the same experience we had.  We would find joy in that.


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