Because He Said He Would

“I testify that our Savior atoned for the sins of the world because He said He would, and that He loves us more than we, mere mortals, can even comprehend; because He said He would.” -Joy D. Jones, Primary General President, General Conference Apr. 17′

Keeping a covenant is saying you will do something, and following through with it.  There are several important aspects to the baptismal covenant, but Alma explained part of it as “standing with those who stand in need of comfort.” (Mosiah 18:8-9).  Yesterday my roommate took a pretty good spill on her moped.  I was in the middle of an assignment when I got a call from Utah Valley hospital, and I didn’t think twice before I dropped everything and ran out the door (as I’m sure any friend would).  I believe that being a true friend is a large part of keeping the baptismal covenant.  As baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ, we are under obligation to be His hands, to act in his name.

This principle applies with all opportunities to serve.  Because service never happens when it is convenient, or easy, we do it because we said we would.  I know that as we stay true to our promises we make with Heavenly Father, at baptism, and in the temple, we will be blessed beyond measure, and show our gratitude to the Savior–because He said He would for us.

Several miracles happened yesterday, one, that my roommate was safe, with minor injuries.  Two, as the joy that came through being there as a support to one of my best friends.


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