Recognition and Being Grateful

This week I’ve been told twice that a grateful attitude brings great opportunities.  I also have felt extremely grateful this past week for many things.  The last month or so, I’ve been kind of impatient with a certain circumstance in my life; but after consistent prayer and studying several general conference talks, I’ve been blessed to have a change of attitude, with further understanding, and a significant amount of peace and happiness concerning my circumstance.  I absolutely love the the way Brother Griffin gave meaning to Moroni’s words, “And [CHRIST] charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not. . . .” (Moroni 7:45).  When we turn outward, (pray to find “the one” each day who needs our help, and act on the impression when it comes) we begin to forget our own minuscule problems by focusing outside ourselves.  But then sometimes we begin to get a little prideful in recognizing the good that we do, when really it is Christ all along, reflecting through us.  Patience and humility are both prerequisites for true charity, which is key to having a good attitude and truly being grateful in all circumstances that we may find ourselves in.  As we do the small things, with the right attitude, we find ourselves in an eternal cycle of gratitude and joy.


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